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The Credo, Our Belief

Creating design with beautiful visual is a must, but creating design that works for customers & clients is an obligation for us.

Designing & Creating Since 2014
Bornx Design is a creative graphic design studio based in Blitar, Indonesia. We provide all template designs with the best visual quality for various kinds of events, even sports, parties, music, seasonal events, and others.

Starting in 2014 as a single fighter freelancer, we are currently working as a team consisting of highly competent people; an art director, graphic designers, and a copywriter.

Founder & Design Lead

Borneafandri Abulga

Behind The Studio

Graphic Designers

Rizqi Nur'aini

Fagtaf Anfa

Miftachul Ilmi


Robby Wijaya

What We Do
Flyer & Poster Templates

Wide range of template categories for your event promotion, sports match, stand up comedy, DJ, musics, parties, seasonal events, and more.

Social Media Templates

We also provide social media templates for your digital marketing & campaign. From events & gigs, sports, parties, and occasions.

Canva Templates

Highly standards Canva Templates, both for Canva FREE & PRO users. Flyers, posters, infographics, social media, banners, business cards, and any collateral format.

Customized Template

Fell in love with our templates, but they don't meet the size format you need? Or need help in editing the template that you've purchased from our store? Don't worry, you have our back.

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